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Corona has hit the whole world really hard. Without any doubt, it has made a great loss to the economy all over the world. Though many countries have already overcome this, But still, there are still countries like India, whose economy has fluctuated a lot and the condition has not been stable till date. Tourism Industry [...]

Goa To Open For domestic Tourists From Today-Brief Details

After complete lock-down for more than 4 months, Goa is now open for Domestic tourists. Government has issued a few guidelines that are necessary to be followed by the travellers. Here are a few guidelines to follow by the travellers: 1. People who test positive will be given the option of returning to their respective [...]

Germany won Corona? Now This is Something Everyone Should See- A Video

It’s been almost 6 Months since corona has hit the world. COVID-19 pandemic started in Dec. 2019 and since then, there is no country in the world that is untouched from this pandemic.  The pandemic has not only hit the humans but the economy of every country as well. But,  there is one country that [...]

COVID-19: What it Means for Travel – An Infographic

COVID -19 is a widely spread virus all over the world and has taken the form of pandemic in no time. Due to this, every crowded place; Temples, Hotels, and gyms have been shut down in the whole world. Flights have been canceled, trains have been stopped because of which every industry suffered a lot. [...]

Covid -19 Impact on Tourism: Expectations Post Lockdown in India

The tourism industry has been the major contributor to economic growth for the past several years.   Talking about India, the tourism industry contributes round about 9.2% of India’s GDP which clearly states that the contribution is quite high. Not only this but the tourism sector is the source of income for many families in India. [...]

Top 6 Reasons To Visit Ladakh- An Infographic

Cinematic views, thrilling roads, and imposing mountains, that’s the beauty of Ladakh. Ladakh is one of the eight UT’s (Union territories) of India. The place has got its individuality on 31 October 2019. But not only that, the place has been popular for many amazing things. Breathtaking landscapes, Mountain passes, Crystal Clear Skies, and famous [...]

Train Vs Planes: Picks While Planning a Trip to India

India is such a versatile country nobody can resist visiting. The place has the essence of various cultures and traditions which are totally amusing for anybody. If you are the one planning for an India Visit, there are so many things to keep in mind. The first thing is how to travel in India, Via [...]

7 Spring Wonders of India to Explore in a Budget- An Infographic

Blooming flowers and growing fruits, spring is the season followed by winter and preceding summer. The days start to grow longer and the temperature started increasing. And this is the season to explore some of the best places in India. Now the thing is what to visit in this season?  I am sure so many […]

Goa Vs Kerala: Which One to Pick and why?- Video

Coastal places are the best to relax, discover and indulge in too many adventure activities. But whenever we plan to visit beaches, there is always this battle of what to choose between Goa and Kerala and at last, we come to this conclusion by saying ”both are the same”. But there is so many difference [...]

Ultimate Road Journey from Manali to Leh- An infographic

Leh Ladakh trip: This is a popular Indian destination which is in everyone’s bucketlist. With time, the place has been so popular that every foreigners are getting attracted to its beauty. And Manali to Leh is one of those roads which leas to this paradise. Suitable for Bikers, and Riders, this road offers everything a [...]

Top 9 Things To Do in Goa- An Infographic

Goa; whenever we heard this name, massive coconut trees, and never-ending beaches comes in our mind. Goa is not just another tourist spot but a Paradise on earth, The place situated on the southwestern coast of India. Also known as Konkan, this place has beautiful sunny beaches, seafood, rocking nightlife, parties, majestic forts, flea markets, [...]

5 Great Motorcycle Trips In India To Experience in 2020- An Infographic

Motorcycle tours are being extremely popular within the past few years.  Indian tourism is gaining its popularity with time. The country's vast landscape holds great appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts. A few years back, these motorcycle tours reorganized by foreign organizers. But in a few years, numerous travel companies have been formed who have started running [...]