COVID -19 is a widely spread virus all over the world and has taken the form of pandemic in no time. Due to this, every crowded place; Temples, Hotels, and gyms have been shut down in the whole world. Flights have been canceled, trains have been stopped because of which every industry suffered a lot.

Tour and Travel industry has affected the most due to this pandemic around the globe. Yes, we know that one day everything will be back to normal and we will live a normal healthy life. But meanwhile, there are a few precautions or things which we need to keep in mind. Check out this infographic by describing the upcoming situation of COVID-19 and travel:

COVID has entered in India in February-2020  and because of which the LOCKDOWN was imposed from 24th March 2020. Many schemes have launched to provide relief to the common man. A variety of packages have been provided to the citizen. But there is nothing big for the travel Industry. We all know that Covid-19 has an adverse effect on the tourism industry and thus it becomes necessary to promote local tourism and provide business/work to the locals first. Let’s fight this pandemic together and stay safe!