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A land like no other with a superabundance of attractions to visit and fabulous landscapes and amazing people and culture, Ladakh is truly the most famous and heaven on Earth. Recently formed as the Union Territory state of India, Ladakh is a mountainous region and the very coldest desert in the world. In Ladakh, nature has rendered a magical, fantastic and unbelievable landscape, which is extremely breathtaking.<br /> The culture of Ladakh is intoxicating, fascinating and captivating which can give us a brief idea about the people of the place, their lifestyle and their beliefs. The culture of Ladakh is quite similar to Tibetan culture. The most popular cuisines of Ladakh, mostly of Tibetan origin, are Tsampo and Thukpa. The national dress of Ladakh is Goncha and it very effective to protect them from the harsh and extremely cold weather of the region. The most magnificent costume is the head-dress or the Perak. Religious and Famous mask dances play an important part in Ladakh's cultural life. The Traditional Music of Ladakh includes instruments like Daman and Surna (shenai and drum). Ladakh is a spiritual and religious place. Ladakh is a place that has no match.

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