It’s been almost 6 Months since corona has hit the world. COVID-19 pandemic started in Dec. 2019 and since then, there is no country in the world that is untouched from this pandemic.  The pandemic has not only hit the humans but the economy of every country as well. But,  there is one country that has come up with a brilliant plan to save its economy. And that is GERMANY.  Germany has won Corona brilliantly and every country has to learn from it. Check out this video by NAS Daily to know their strategy better.


Germany has set an excellent example for all the countries in the world. It’s the result of proper planning that can lead to brilliant execution towards saving the economy. COVID-19 has hit the world hard and make people fall in a situation no one has expected. Though every industry is fighting with the Crisis happened because of this, But the travel industry is the worst effected from this. We expect the same actions from our Indian govt. as well. I hope the situation improves in the future and the industry will resume growing.