Corona has hit the world really hard. The very first case of Corona reported in Dec 2019.  Though corona took a serious turn in India in March 2020 and during that, everyone was roaming around the world.  In India, the complete lockdown has been started from 22nd March and the Business travelers have suffered a lot during this. But now things are getting better in the country. Even lockdown 1 has also been initiated in the country and soon the business travel is going to start. So here are some tips that could help restart the business Travel once again. Check this infographic below to know more about the rules:

I am sure these tips will definitely help you all while resuming your business travel. Also, there is a very interesting thing to notice that during this lockdown, Germany has won corona with its great strategy and planning. Their plan not just saved their economy but also provide great relief to the citizen of the country. I hope the Indian government will take any such remarkable step soon!