Cinematic views, thrilling roads, and imposing mountains, that’s the beauty of Ladakh. Ladakh is one of the eight UT’s (Union territories) of India. The place has got its individuality on 31 October 2019. But not only that, the place has been popular for many amazing things. Breathtaking landscapes, Mountain passes, Crystal Clear Skies, and famous Buddhist Monasteries and festivals. You will find animals like Double hump camel, Bharal or blue sheep which are rare to see any other place in India. To find more reasons, check out this infographic by Tour my India, listing all the reasons to visit Ladakh:

Ladakh is surrounded by mountain ranges of Karakoram. And you will witness much more than this during your trip. The place has many unique things and ancient medication herbs which make it a unique place to explore.

The landscape is cool in every season. The rivers are in crystal blue color and are frozen in winters.  The best path to follow this journey is the road journey from Manali to Leh. This journey is full of adventures, off-roads and beautiful sceneries.  So, don’t wait to long just grab your package and make the memories with your loved ones