Corona has hit the whole world really hard. Without any doubt, it has made a great loss to the economy all over the world. Though many countries have already overcome this, But still, there are still countries like India, whose economy has fluctuated a lot and the condition has not been stable till date. Tourism Industry is one of the biggest industries that has been hit hard with this pandemic.

In Himachal Pradesh, 40% of the population survives on the “Tourism Industry”. Travel Agents, Hotels, Restaurants ,Shopkeepers, Small Vendors, Stall Owners, Photographers, Horse riders, etc. they all are completely dependable on the Tourism Industry. Travel Companies has stated that because of Zero business, tit is being difficult for them to pay Salaries, Electricity Bills, Water Charges and other conveyance charges as well. Govt. has said that a complete salary will be given to every employee, But at the same time we want to ask “How to pay without any business”?

Goa has resumed its tourism after a complete 4 months of lock-down and here are the guidelines to be followed by the travellers:

  1. Tourists have to carry a COVID-19 negative certificate within a stipulated 48-hour window or get mandatory tested in the state.
  2. Tourists will be sent to the respective hotels where they have their bookings. They will be tested for COVID-19 in the hotels and will have to remain inside their rooms until the test results are out.
  3. Patients who test positive will have two options. Either they return to their home states or stay back in Goa and get treated for COVID-19.
  4. Hotels will have to be pre-booked by tourists. Only the hotels that have been given tourism department’s approval will be allowed to take bookings.
  5. Bookings will STRICTLY not be entertained for hotels and home-stays that have not got a green light by the state govt.
  6. Any hotel that opens up without the government’s permission will be cracked down and taken action against.
  7. Tourists who stay in non-registered hotels through app aggregator services will not be allowed. This has been deemed illegal.

Now is the time that we have to learn to live with this COVID-19 until any vaccine is made. Thankfully, Himachal has thankfully given it a thought to reopen the state for tourism.  If  Himachal Pradesh follows the same guidelines as Goa, the economy and condition of the state will improve by  20% to 30%. Tourists will start visiting the state and that will definitely bring a state of survival in Himachal Pradesh.