Coastal places are the best to relax, discover and indulge in too many adventure activities. But whenever we plan to visit beaches, there is always this battle of what to choose between Goa and Kerala and at last, we come to this conclusion by saying ”both are the same”. But there is so many difference between these places. Goa and Kerala are two of the most traveled destinations in India. Both have their own special charm. One is the party capital of India and the other is known as God’s own country. Goa and Kerala, both are separated by the large state of Karnataka. Not just that, but there are many such differences which makes them totally individual places. So, if you are planning for your next trip and you are in the same dilemma to choose between Goa or Kerala. Check out this video by Welcome India listing all points to differentiate between these to places:

Goa is an extremely popular and loveable place without any doubt. The place has everything a party freak wants. So if you are the one planning to visit goa, here are 9 Things To Do in Goa for sure. Get indulge yourself in these activities and have a great vacation.