Whenever we hear about Goa, huge palm trees, gorgeous beaches, and scenic view comes in our mind. The scenic and captivating views of Goa attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Now, talking about goa and not considering waterfalls, it is really unfair. Waterfalls are the lifeline to any city. They are not just a water resource, but also a place of tourist attraction and Goa is blessed with several exotic waterfalls.  Have a look to the infographic by Saitourtravels and garb the complete list below:

Deep tropical forests, lofty mountains, deep valleys, and gurgling rivers, the picture of goa not less that a scenery. The place is perfect for every age group i.e. for family, for friends and for couples as well. The national parks, the hills, churches, forts, markets, and the backwaters, every place in goa are worth visiting. So its time to garb so excellent goa tour packages and create your own memories in this beautiful place. Wishing you a memorable goa trip!!!