Plunging river valleys and picturesque snowy peaks, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful and popular adventure destination in India.  Surrounded by the lush green forests, majestic Himalayas and breathtaking lakes, Himachal Pradesh is an extreme paradise for backpackers. The place is extremely popular among tourists and honeymoon couples. Not just that, but Himachal Pradesh has many other things worth knowing. Either it’s the history of this place or the culture, everything is just amazing and unique. Here are some interesting and unforgettable facts about Himachal Pradesh. Please have a look at this video by Sebastian ioan :

Himachal Pradesh is just amazing and the people here so kind and hardworking. This is the reason that many historical places haven’t lost their popularity and grace yet. Not only that but there are many famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh which are worth to visit. So next time if you plan your tour, must visit Himachal Pradesh and feel the aroma of the place. Have a great trip!!!