The land of “Five Rivers”, Punjab is the northwestern state of India. Amritsar is one of the famous tourist destination in punjab. Popular for its religious diversity, the place has the most ancient civilization. Amritsar is popular for its religious diversity and has the most ancient civilization. The place has immense pride and rich world-famous culture. Either it’s about spirituality or about commercialization, Amritsar is full of scenic landscapes, rich history and famous sites which can fascinate anyone to visit this place. If you are willing to witness the real essence of nature, here is an infographic by saitourtravels describing the top tourist destinations in Amritsar. Please have a look:

If you are planning to visit punjab, you must visit amritsar. You can buy all kinds of Punjab tour packages and that too at reasonable prices with Meetmyholiders. Punjab and Amritsar is all about folk culture, traditional meals and especially the Lassi.  Enjoy these moments at once and you will come back home with lovely memories and magnificent experiences.