Goa; whenever we heard this name, massive coconut trees, and never-ending beaches comes in our mind. Goa is not just another tourist spot but a Paradise on earth, The place situated on the southwestern coast of India. Also known as Konkan, this place has beautiful sunny beaches, seafood, rocking nightlife, parties, majestic forts, flea markets, and age-old churches. The place has everything a person needs to chill. This ultimate travel destination has a wide range of activities to indulge in. Either it’s the water sports or the land activities, the place has so much to offer. Check out this infographic by Tripcrafters listing top 9 things to do in Goa:

The Canonical Culture and Portuguese heritage brings backpackers all over the world flocking there. To enjoy every bit of this place, a captivating goa tour is a must. Book your tour with season’s best rates and experience the blissful wonders of the state.